Why lifeguarding is the best job for adventurous youngsters?

There are many reasons that explain why life guarding is the best job. It is more like a welfare and charity work than a professional job. Nothing can be more fruitful and rewarding than saving a life. So, you should happily choose this field and give your best.

Improved self-esteem

Why life guarding is the best job? Because, it boosts your self-image to a great extent. When you work to save for others and alleviate their hardships, you become honored. It is a sacred and graceful task that only the most sensible people can do. It makes you more confident and you become more productive in future.

Appreciation from the victim

When a person is about to dive in the water and he is sure he will not survive now, suddenly you appear. You work to bring him to the shore safely. You exert all your efforts with energy and passion. The victim gets impressed by your work and is also grateful to you. You also get good remarks from your boss and team members. It makes you really happy because your work is not going in vain. That’s why life guarding is the best job.

Welfare of humanity

Saving a life is saving entire humanity. So, this is a great reason why life guarding is the best job. You are striving hard to save precious life of people. They can be taken away from heavy waves of the ocean anytime. You are oblivious of any avariciousness and riches in return. You just work for the sake of their survival. Your intention is to bring relief to them and protect them from drowning. The most appreciable thing is that you are on duty all the time near the shore and immediately act as soon as someone in waters screams for help.

People claim big that they are philanthropists and can’t see anyone in pain but they rarely do anything practically. You are the one, who is actually doing this job which will give you great benefits in this world and huge reward in the Hereafter.


As a lifeguard, you are considered important by all. Everyone is after you when they are in need and they can’t do anything without your help. They really need you to be there to save them. They desperately wait for your arrival and also follow your instructions when you think there is need of that. You have respect and value for others and they can even lose their life for good, if you are not there to give them a hand. So, it’s a fair reason to explain why life guarding is the best job.

Thrill and adventure

You get opportunity to experience adventures that are not possible in any other work. This is why lifeguarding is the best job. It is full of excitement and thrill. You have to take action promptly and go into the water to save the victim. You can’t waste a single minute. At that time, every second counts and minor delay can cost you in the long run. You have to stay focused and agile.

Learn discipline

Because lifeguard is all about acting on time, staying focused on the target, working without any desire to get big rewards and most importantly, taking the right decisions quickly in times of emergency; it teaches lifetime lessons that you may not learn in any other way. So it’s a great opportunity to keep learning how to live and work in well-organized manner. This is why life guarding is the best job.

Physical strength and energy

Because it is full of physical activity it’s good for improving health and muscular strength. This is another reason why life guarding is the best job. In this job, you have to keep moving from one spot to another. You stand out under direct sun and it keeps your body warm whole day. When you run, swim and do various tasks during your working hours, it gives you a chance to shed pounds and burn calories. It also tones the muscles and develops stamina. You become strong and energetic. It’s not at all a sedentary job, where you have to sit on chair all day and work on PC. It’s all about physical activity and mental alertness.

Enjoy nature

Those working in congested offices often get dull and bored. But, in your case, you get a chance to be in nature’s company all day. There’s beautiful natural views all around, the sea shore, aquatic life, fresh green trees, hustle and bustle of people basking at the beach, deep clear water, direct sun and so on. No other work can offer these benefits. That’s why life guarding is the best job.

What if I cant pass the regular lifeguard class?

If you cant pass the requirements for a regular lifeguard certification class, you can always become a shallow pool lifeguard, or take the Pool Activity Leader exam.