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A Brief about Lifeguards Training and Responsibilities

Lifeguard training and lifeguard certification courses basically train people to rescue victims and casualties from the waters; these could be at sea, in a lake, in a water park, at the beach, or at a swimming pool. Lifeguards ensure safety of the swimmers, surfers and other people who wade into the water and participate in different water …

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Come for Lifeguard Training and Learn Survival Skills

Lifeguard training and lifeguard certification courses include sub courses that teach a certain set of skills. Trainees learn these skills and become competent enough to take action during the time of an emergency. The following are a set of skills that are taught during Lifeguard training programs and Lifeguard certification courses: 1. Personal Safety and …

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Lifeguard Training: A Game of Actions Not Words!!

An adequate level of training is must for any lifeguard for rescuing and saving victims. Not only he must be certified but also trained for both water and life saving programs to reduce the number of drowning people. The lifeguard training calls for certain physical and behavioral requirements for an individual before getting him registered …

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Requirements and Responsibilities of a Lifeguard Job

An entry level lifeguard or a junior lifeguard is mostly stationed at the poolside. The lifeguard job is to keep an eye on things and to take action if something goes wrong. He has to administer the safety rules laid down by the pool management. List of Skills and Competencies Required for a Lifeguard Job: …

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Lifeguard Job: Save Lives and Earn Well !!

The job of a lifeguard is all about rescue and adventure where you have to stay focused for dealing with emergency situations. But it also calls for fun and excitement with earning little cash too. Acting like a superhero you have to anticipate and react to the trouble, the people and beach-goers are getting caught …

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