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Lifeguard Training class locations

Benefits of being a lifeguard

Where to Sign Up for lifeguard training class? New York City is a hotspot for lifeguard training classes, facilities, and job opportunities. There is no shortage of indoor pools, community outdoor pools, and beaches on the island and islands nearby. Whether you’re in Nassau County, Freeport, Suffolk County, or in Queens, there are available class …

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Shallow Water Lifeguard

Lifeguard rules

A lifeguard’s job is a crucial one. His presence and fast actions set the definite line between life and death. Adequate training and practice are essential for anyone who wants to become a certified lifeguard in order to be able to act fast in the case of an emergency. Shallow Pool Lifeguard: Professional and well-trained …

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Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard class

What the lifeguard class Includes When you enroll in a lifeguarding class, there are various tools and resources included depending on your level. We offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced and expert, as well as classes in the pool and in the classroom. There are so many aspects of lifeguarding any professional in the …

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Lifeguard management in person exam

The Lifeguard Management In-Person Exam is the final milestone to complete before starting your career as a lifeguard manager. This role is imperative to the scheduling, guiding, and supporting a team of lifeguards and water safety instructors. Through your specified training and learning in this course, you will have learned expertise lifesaving skills as well …

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Why lifeguards learn CPR

Why Lifeguards Must Know CPR and First Aid Being a lifeguard is quite a demanding job. It requires that you pay attention to what people are doing. The good news is that if you are an athlete, you have access to a pool and you can enjoy the workout before your duty or even after …

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