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Lifeguards are people’s last line of defense in the beach and in the pool. That may sound like a bit of an odd statement considering the fact that these places are mostly associated with frolicking in the sun and having fun. However, it would surprise most people to know that there is actually a high level of risk that comes with such places.

A day in the life of a lifeguard is one that is rife with risks and danger. From drowning to slipping, all sorts accidents can occur when you least expect it. That is why it is vital that you attend a lifeguard class as soon as you are able.

Skills to Learn in Lifeguard Classes

If you think being a lifeguard is an easy job, then think again. Certified lifeguards undergo rigorous training in order to legally take on work. Moreover, they need to be able to learn a number of different skills required by their profession. Listed below are just some of the skills you can hope to learn at one of these lifeguard classes.

  • CPR – This is probably one of the most basic emergency procedures that everyone needs to know. Yet, the sad truth is that only a couple of people know how to properly perform this procedure. And before anything else, readers need to understand that seeing it done on TV and movies does not count as training.
  • Advanced Swimming Skills – As one would expect, one needs to have advanced swimming skills in order to be an effective lifeguard. More often than not, you will need to get to victims quickly. Needless to say, such a task will surely pose a huge challenge for novices.
  • Strength Training – Aside from getting to the victims quickly enough, a lifeguard also needs to have the required level of strength to carry them back to safety. Keep in mind that the victims will often be incapacitated thus being in no position to help themselves. This means that you will be doing most of the work yourself.
  • Endurance Training – The worst thing that can happen to a lifeguard during a rescue attempt is to run out of gas in the middle of the operation. Doing so can only result in the exacerbation of the existing situation, with you becoming the additional victim. Needless to say, lifeguard training classes focus on developing one’s stamina so that situations such as this can be avoided.

Enrolling in Lifeguard Classes near Me

Emergency preparedness is certainly no laughing matter. It is a vital skill that everyone needs to have. Your repertoire should include everything from basic CPR to advanced skills. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have the proper level of strength and endurance to see everything through.

Luckily, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn a thing or two about the necessary emergency procedures. If this is what you want then all you need to do is to attend a lifeguard class near you. Be sure to look for the nearest lifeguard center in your area.

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