Lifeguard Training For Survival

Life is the most important gift of God and it is must for us to take care of it. According to the research, every year 1.2 million people drown. Either most of the people drowned because they do not know how to swim or they drowned in some kind of natural disaster and the result comes to death. The matter of fact is that we must be in need of safeguard or the survival of our life as well. The lifeguard training for survival is very important and necessary. It is the most important and responsible job in all the jobs all around the world. Lifeguard has some responsibilities that he has to follow and perform. There are some tips and techniques which are as follows.

Leadership and Teamwork: There are many points to be discussed in the heading of leadership and teamwork. For a teamwork and leadership, expedition behavior is very important for the lifeguard. The behavior should be positive and tolerate. He or she has the capacity to tolerate any kind of mishap. Not only this, he or she should respect others especially those who needs his or her guidance. He should know how to work as a team. Communication is the fore and foremost skill for the lifeguard. He or she has to be Polite in communication and behavior. Decision making and judgment is his ability. He should be the best challenger. He has to know the self awareness. If a person has some problem he has the capability to help the others and solve the problem of others. A limitation is of great importance, the lifeguard has to react according to his or her limitations. A good lifeguard is one who learns from his experience. Not only is this, to give and seek feed back of very much importance because most of the people are waiting for the lifeguard training for survival.

 Drowning Chain: Drowning chain is of course is a new word to you. Drowning chain includes many things which are important, which prevent you from drowning. Instead of leadership and teamwork, there are many things which are the lifeguard has to perform. The first and foremost in drowning chain is the education. He must have the complete education and information of being a lifeguard. Provision of warnings is of great importance. One cannot ignore it. The lifeguard and the ones who are interested in taking guidance must be aware of the importance of the provision of warnings. Command and supervision, is another important thing which are important and a lifeguard cannot ignore it. The lifeguard should know how to supervise and the guidance taker should respect the responsibility of the lifeguard. Denial of access is another important thing which cannot be ignored. Survival is another important thing, last but not the least thing is the survival skill. It is very important for the lifeguard to learn the training in survival skill successful. The lifeguard has to provide all the elements to the people from preventing them from drowning.

Duties: If a person is injured the lifeguard has to enforce rules in order to anticipate the injuries or problems. The safeguard must have the ability to maintain concentrated observations of the duty area in order to anticipate problems. He or she should carry First Aid Kit with him or her. He or she should take action if necessary. Give immediate first aid to the injured bathers. He or she must have the quality to identify the injury and emergency quickly. Not only this, the lifeguard has some other duties to perform as for example cleaning, and filing paperwork. Not only this, he should have the duty to check the swimming pool chorine and pH levels. The duty of lifeguard is to supervise the other equipment like water slides and other activities that are taking place there.