Lifeguard management in person exam

The Lifeguard Management In-Person Exam is the final milestone to complete before starting your career as a lifeguard manager. This role is imperative to the scheduling, guiding, and supporting a team of lifeguards and water safety instructors. Through your specified training and learning in this course, you will have learned expertise lifesaving skills as well as what it requires to be a great manager.

New York State requires all lifeguard supervisors to take the lifeguard management in person exam. Nassau County has another option for lifeguards who want to be an aquatic supervisor, they are able to take the Pool Activity Leader class.

Managing a team of people isn’t for everyone. Those who have taken this program and pass the lifeguard management in-person exam will have proven that they have the skills and personality to get along with others as well as lead them. In the program, we highlight how important it is to lead by example and empowerment, not by fear and power. That’s why all graduates of this program will be experts in any topic or skill that a lifeguard is required to know. We want our lifeguard managers to be able to encourage, inspire, and continue teaching their team of lifeguards.

The in-person exam takes about 1-2 hours to complete. There’s only a written portion, there is no in-water portion, as well as a presentation section. We aim to help all students prepare for this exam and be as successful as they desire to be.