Hidden Secret of Lifeguard Training

All lifeguards want to be the best out there. They passionately enroll for the lifeguard training class, excel the tests, attain the certification yet do not outperform in the field. Why is that?

There are three key components that are essential for your success. These are drive, determination and desire. You must have an internal drive to not just be a lifeguard but to save lives as well. And that is why you will be hired.

Beaches are the top destination when it comes to vacation. Newly-wed couples, college students and parents with small children all flock to the beach to escape the chaos and clutter of routine lives. These are people of different economic and cultural backgrounds. There are those highly skilled in swimming, those thrilled about water sports and those that can merely float a little. You will be dealing with a diverse crowd which means you have to be a little sensitive to their unique personalities.

It is for this reason that the lifeguard training program teaches the learners various skills. You are taught how to recognize and prevent injuries, how to rescue people, deliver first aid and perform CPR. However, the training provided in the classroom will remain ineffective if you are not passionate about the work that you are doing.

Do not take your profession merely as a means of earning money. Look beyond the title. You are preventing disaster, saving lives and reuniting families.

At the beach, lake, ocean or wherever you are placed you will come across different temperaments. There will be cooperative, docile and friendly people. And there will be uncooperative, rude and highly stubborn ones as well. Although the lifeguard training program will equip you with the skills required to tactfully handle tricky situations and interact with difficult aquatic patrons, the main responsibility lies on you.

You can address the people considering it is your job to remain polite or you can show a little compassion and be sincerely concerned about their safety and well-being. When you take it is as part of your job it becomes convenient to let emotions slip in. On the contrary, when you are determined about their safety you do not get distracted by your temper or agitation.

You will endure the taunts, arguments and disagreements when the goal is nothing but safety. Indeed lifeguard training is tough but the kindness and care that you demonstrate will be highly appreciated.

Be determined to prevent accidents. Instead of waiting for a disaster to happen stay vigilant. It is for this reason that in the lifeguard training you learn various methods of surveillance. You can sit at your place and watch. Take a stroll. Keep a close eye on all near and far away places – whatever area you have been assigned.

Prevention is always better than reaction. You can prevent accidents through your drive, determination and desire to help save people. Do not let go of these three key ingredients to make the most of your lifeguard training.