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Welcome to Lifeguard Training Headquarters! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a certified Lifeguard. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you’ll find here.



You need to get a lifeguard training certificate from a credible lifeguard training school to become a lifeguard. There is nothing like becoming a lifeguard during the summer, many students work during summers to make a little income. A lifeguard’s job will not only fetch you a little cash, but it will also make you a more responsible person, you’ll know what it is like to serve other people, you’ll meet new people, you’ll know what a close knitted team feels like and you might save a life or two.
It is the dream of many teenagers to become a lifeguard, well all you need to do is attend training at a lifeguard training center and then you can easily find yourself a job. There are many establishments offering lifeguard training in the U.S., make sure you register with a recognized establishment certified by the state to commence lifeguard training programs in that state.

We at Lifeguard Training HQ will help you find the following training courses:
• Lifeguard Training
• Beach Lifeguard Training
• Pool Lifeguard Training

US Lifeguard Certification and Training Centre: Enhance That Angelic Activity

Life saving is an angelic activity that enhance the pride of humanity.  Throughout the USA, a huge number of organizations and association are conducting courses to teach life saving skills. US lifeguard certification and training centre is working in many cities and counties and producing awareness about lifesaving skills. American Red Cross Health & Safety …

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Why lifeguarding is the best job for adventurous youngsters?

There are many reasons that explain why life guarding is the best job. It is more like a welfare and charity work than a professional job. Nothing can be more fruitful and rewarding than saving a life. So, you should happily choose this field and give your best. Improved self-esteem Why life guarding is the …

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Lifeguard Training For Survival

Life is the most important gift of God and it is must for us to take care of it. According to the research, every year 1.2 million people drown. Either most of the people drowned because they do not know how to swim or they drowned in some kind of natural disaster and the result …

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Lifeguard Training in US: The Guardian Angel of the Sand is there to Fish us out

Emergencies are part of today’s hasty life and people have not much time and interest in others problems.  USA has many marvelous beaches which not only add to its beauty but enhance the life threats for the persons visiting beaches. This situation demands some lifesaving staff for safeguarding people in emergency situations. For the same …

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